Abstract Art Incorporates Tipsy Martini Glass

I love abstract art. I also love drinking a nice Grey Goose martini. No, abstract artwork isn’t for everyone but sometimes you run across a killer piece that just captures your eye. I’m a firm believer that the original abstract artwork that I have displayed at my bachelor pad turns girls on. Well, maybe not to the extent that you’d think. However, it certainly catches their eye.

abstract art martini glass
Original Artwork by Greg Cartmell

I can’t stress how solid this piece of art is shown above. It’s a piece that most abstract martini drinkers would love to incorporate into their collection. To be completely honest, I would have purchased this piece myself if I had room at my pad for it. I simply do not have any vacant wall space for it right now. It’s one that I liked so much that I had to share it with you. Let me explain a little about the piece itself…

For starters, the piece was created by a southern artist named Greg Cartmell. He’s been painting for years and this is just one style that he does. Anyway, I digress…

The piece is a titled Abstractini and the piece has its own attitude for sure. What I like most about this piece is that the background is completely black. It really makes the white paint pop and the martini glass filled with vodka, topped off with a single olive creates a nice talking point.

Lastly, and what I like most about this piece is the cool red signature that Greg has finished it off with. If you have a wet bar or a bar in your bachelor pad then this piece might be a good fit. It’s a 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas. Of course, the piece comes appraised and signed.

It’s an original, with zero prints or giclee prints being published and it’s very affordable. Like I said, I’d already own this piece if I had space for it. I’m showcasing it because it’s definitely man cave approved by yours truly!

I’m going to pour myself a nice cold martini right now! Cheers!